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Taking some time out to do a little housekeeping on the site.

One of the changes was the addition of SiLK Approved logos to Groups and Events Italian and I have attended and explored We wanted to put our personal stamp of approval somehow. You can also see event reviews being posted by our members in the Forum Page. As always we welcome any member who wants to post about an experience to help others find more venues and groups to explore with.

Another change is the slight changing of sections to the Member and Contact Us Page. Effective immediately any person(s) filling out the Member Sign up page will have to complete all sections or it will be reviewed and deleted. Joining the site by just email and password will be deleted immediately. Any questions or comments can be put to us without having to sign up on the Contact Us Page.

Finally, coming to fruition soon, will be the addition of another Groupme chat group which will focus on BDSM & Fetish groups and members. The original Groupme will be continue but cater more to the Swing & Light Kink aspect of Lifestyle. This is our hope to expand based on need and listening to the input by lifestyle people around us. Once launched we welcome any ideas on how to make each page, group, and chat better for everyone.

Hope the beginning of 2022 finds everyone healthy and Covid Free.
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