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Recently anyone part of the GroupMe & Kik has seen changes to many facets of our website, group management, and Lifestyle involvement. We have been in the Lifestyle now for almost 10 years and found from the start we've had a basic philosophy of swing. Creating a safe and open place for fellow swingers to be themselves and explore and grow without fear of judgement or exposure. We personally have grown painfully and joyously but still try to hold to our core belief of Friendship First, Fun Later if it goes there.

Recently we have had life changes that have made us make both Life and Lifestyle changes. Too much of "us" is used up with maintaining website, promotion, group maintenance, party planning, and room hosting. Somewhere we lost Italian & Ginger. But that is easily fixable.

We have handed daily management of our Chat groups over to fellow swingers who have the love of Lifestyle as we do. A big Shout out and Thank You to those stepping up and helping out when needed and asked.

We are pairing back the website. Memberships are being removed to cut back on maintenance and spamming issues. You will also see links removed and some events not posted of some groups that have recently shown bad Lifestyle form. Two things we will not support is Illegal activity and Unbecoming behavior toward swingers & groups who are trying to promote the Lifestyle.

We will still be "room hosting" for occasional parties of groups we love and support but doing more parties as just Italian & Ginger, nothing more. Yes you will still see the pole up for some events which we are putting hot dates up to let you know. We are also playing with ways to add to the website to show it as well. Stay tuned as always for tweaking of the website.

On a personal note....

I, Ginger, have tried too hard and long to be everything to everyone and liked/loved by all. To be perfect hostess and not "offend" the individual or masses. But recently behaviors, local responses to recent events we helped host, and credible sources passing on "gossip" being said about us and others which Sadden my heart.

Lifestyle should be about exploration and openness. Accepting everyone for who they are and what they enjoy. Not judging for who they choose to see or what parties they choose to attend. No one owns a couple, a party date, or a hotel/venue. Parties can be held on the same day without punishment or retaliation. No one belongs to any group exclusively or needs permission to see or attend anyone or anything else. End of story.

We have such amazing close Lifestyle friends who remind me every day that life is made up of moments. We have met delightful fellow Swingers, from newbie to seasoned, who we enjoy seeing at parties, doing dates with, and vanilla outings as well. So many moments have filled our lives the last two years since we paired back on all the chores and gave our time to these amazing friends and fellow Swingers. We've cut ties with some, walked away from drama we use to get involved with before, and I personally work hard every day not to be a cause of drama either. LIFE IS TOO SHORT. Full of jobs, chores, bills, politics, Covid, etc... all the negatives of the world filling us with noise. You can choose to fill your time with drama, backroom gossip, and negative attitudes.... We all have choices.

OR you can fill your life with Family, truly warm vanilla & Lifestyle friends, and FUN through parties and dates. Drinks with the girls. Dancing. Whatever you choose that makes you joyous.

You don't have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness. It's right in front of you if you're paying attention and practice love and gratitude. Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement; and when they gain happiness, enhancement, and strength from a relationship. It's that simple when you block out the noise...

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